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You in motion global established in March 2006 aimglobal, is a member of multi-level marketing, International Association, Phillip and marketing association chamber of her go industries of the Philippines, Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry and direct selling Association of the Philippines and Bureau of Internal Revenue vir. It is duly recognized by the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission SEC. Aimglobal has dedicated itself to seeking out nature's best sources for health and beauty and sharing them with the world created seven hundred millionaires and seven years. The directors founded by three young visionaries - Raymond aspirin, VP Marketing, Francis Miguel's VP finance and doctorate, the battle president, how to join aim global first, you must purchase our global package. Our global package is worth of seven thousand nine hundred eighty pesos only with a value for money to return and the moment you purchased our global package. You will have all of these benefits. First, you will receive a products and services of more than 76 % and you can choose option B and C. You will be given a lifetime discount on all the products and services of alliance in motion global, ranging from 25 % to 50 %. You will be protected by accidental insurance of two hundred thousand pesos. Fifty thousand cases for unprovoked murder and assault. Ten thousand pesos for medical reimbursement and ten thousand pesos for burial assistance ATM card for fast and easy withdrawal of Commission B do in the Philippines and China Trust for overseas. You will add two hundred pesos for the BDO ATM card processing in five hundred pesos. For the China trust ATM card processing, you will be given a personal data tracking Center or webpage with 24/7 online monitoring of your business scholarship program. Full transferable scholarship, no expiration, ten percent to 100 percent discount on tuition fees with more than four hundred school tie-ups. All over the Philippines free medical check-up, one time free, medical, checkup and laboratory tests such as urinalysis people. This is Sree CVC and dental checkup to a more than 200 clinics tie-up nationwide. Business kit includes folder presentation, video presentation, CD application forms alliance in motion global offers. A very lucrative marketing plan with six ways to earn retailing. You will enjoy a retail profit of 25 % to 50 % for every product sold to customers, for example, see 24/7 for every box of see 24/7 sold. You have 300 pesos profit. If you sold at least 10 boxes of see 24/7 per week, you have an additional income of 3,000 per week. If you do it continuously in four weeks time, you will have an extra income of 12,000 pieces in a month. Binary income works in two ways: direct referral bonus. Every time you sponsor a person to join in the business. You will have a referral bonus of 500 pesos, the more referral you have, the more income you will make say, for example, you introduced at least four person in the business a B C and D. You will have a total referral income of two thousand pesos. Next is the matching sales bonus or the pairing bonus. Every time you have a pair you'll get 1500 pesos. In this illustration, a and B is matched CMD is matched, so you have a total of 3000 pesos for pairing bonus, adding the two thousand pesos direct referral bonus. Now you have 5,000 pesos income for binary income. Let'S continue further. If si would invite also two persons c1 and c2 C will earn a total of 2,500 pesos D invited only person, D 1. Therefore, D only earned 500 pesos referral. Bonus D 1 also invited 1 person. He only earned 500 pesos referral, bonus, D, 1 and C 2 c1, an e or match, and you will have an additional of 3000 pesos in the matched sales bonus. Now you have a total of 8,000 pesos maximum of 24 thousand pesos per day in cash, mint or 720 thousand pesos per month potential income. What if your left group sponsor more people in the business while in the right group only purchase products and every products purchased? There is equivalent points. If your right group generates a total of 1200 points, it will be matched to your left group. This is called person to product another scenario: what if there is no recruitment down below, but still they use and sell products every time they bought product? There is points again. If your left group generates 1200 points again, you will have matching bonus at 1500 pesos and it is called product to product. Another way of earning is called uni level, income for every first generation, downline or called direct downline. You will get 10 % commission on their product reorder and from your second generation down to the 10th generation. You will enjoy 5 % Commission each product that they were bought. Our next way of earning is called the stair step bonus. You will begin as a distributor. Your next goal is to reach the silver executive level. You just need to generate at least 10 positional or group points to reach on this position, and you will enjoy an additional 10 percent commission on all the products purchased by your downline. Next is gold executive level on this level, you need to have 100 positional or group points, and you will have an additional 20 % Commission and, lastly, the highest position is the global ambassador. On this level. You need to have 1,000 positional or route points and you'll gain of 30 percent replay commission on all the products purchased by your downline from first level down to infinity. It'S a group sales effort, no timeframe, no demotion. Once you reach the position and no pass up now, fifth way to earn here name global is called royalty income. In this learning. Every global ambassador you make. You will have a 2 percent royalty Commission of their total sales volume. You may also get the travel and send it off or by the companies such as Asian cruise trip, the United States trip, and Europe trip you if you're interested to join - or you want to know more about alliance in motion global. Please contact ravi, mad swayed o @ 6, 3, 9, 1, 9, 9, 7, 9, 2, 6, 6, 8 or 6, 3, 9, 4, 3, 2, 9, 6, 6, 8, 6, 8, or send your email at ravi man's Widow at

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